Synopsis of Crumble

In just two months, 18-year-old Sarah McKnight will be graduating from high school, and in the fall, she’ll be leaving for Los Angeles with her boyfriend, David Brooks. Maybe in California, they can stop hiding their relationship. Life is good, but it could be easier. And then Sarah discovers she’s pregnant.

Her father, George, is adored by some, and loathed by others—he owns a gun shop and drives a truck with a sticker of a Confederate flag on the bumper. Even so, all he’s ever wanted to do is protect his only daughter and teach her how to protect herself from the ugly world beyond their small Montana community. But George has a secret he’s never disclosed to anyone, until a classmate of Sarah’s, Alex Mackey—a victim of school bullies and beatings from his own alcoholic father—shares his discovery of Sarah’s pregnancy with George. Revealing her secret is easy. Sarah hasn’t paid attention to Alex since the 5th grade, and George has given him a place to feel safe. He even taught him how to shoot a gun.

For Sarah, ending her pregnancy is the only option. She can’t let her father find out about her relationship with David. But when an angry group of pro-lifers suddenly turn their backs on her when they realize her partner is African-American, she decides to keep the baby and make a statement. What she doesn’t know, however, is that her father’s hatred, his buried secret, spurs in Alex Mackey a need to make his own statement to the world, and to give thanks to the man who gave him hope. In the end, two young people are dead and their families and community must learn to accept their responsibility in the tragedy.















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