Of Women and Wolves…and Democrats!

Earlier this week, I made a comment on a friend’s Facebook page in response to a photograph she posted of a hunter sitting in front of a dead wolf. I declared myself an animal rights activist, and stated my concern and lack of understanding behind Montana politicians allowing the shooting of wolves.

In response to my comment, a Facebook friend of the girl who posted the dead wolf picture said this:

“I agree with Fleur! We shouldn’t shoot these poor animals… We should be rounding up all the cunt animal rights activists & shootin all them for releasing a non native animal into Montana’s wild lands that’s wiping out deer & elk populations so there’s nothing left to shoot for food! So there’s your bullshit, stupid ass women!”

I expressed my opinion, and in return, I was verbally attacked (and not just me, but ALL women). Of course, I’m not going to sit back and do nothing, so I responded with this:

“Gee, Heather, quite a “friend” you have here. Love the use of the word ‘cunt’ in describing us animal rights activists. Oh, and ‘stupid ass women’. You’re a peach, Theron. I feel sorry for any female who’s a part of your life. Good luck with that.”

And so, I moved on, until the brother of this guy decided to also pitch in with his own attack:

“That is a Canadian Timber Wolf! Get your facts right ladies!! Oh wait you don’t live there do you?! They are NOT Native to Montana, but asshole scientists and activists introduced them claiming that they would do the ecosystem good. That looks like a 185 lb wolf and is the great white shark on land. Killing machines. Their numbers have exploded beyond the foresight of these ‘smart’ people, and have grown out of hand. They attack not only healthy wild game, but kill ranchers cattle, horses, etc. Remember the stories of the big bad wolf? THIS is one of them! That fucker could kill a man, much less an animal rights activist woman!! Go ahead Fleur, take your ass out in the grass and get to know that animal, and don’t be surprised if it rips your throat out and drinks your blood like its spraying from a water fountain. Yes that is probably best for everyone, go out and be ‘Active’ with that animal, let us know how that goes for you! =D”

After I let the anger subside a bit, I responded:

“No, Joe, I don’t live in Montana anymore, but I grew up there. And I’m never one to pretend I’m right when I’m wrong. After this little debacle last night, I did some research, and I now understand what’s going on, and although I still do not agree with the way this mess is being handled, I have an open-mind and understand the plight of the ranchers and hunters. You were doing a great job of making your argument–thoughtful and intelligent–until the last part where you suggested I “take my ass out in the grass and get to know the animal”. I’m sure, like your women-hating brother, you’d like to watch that animal “rip out my throat and drink my blood”, but I don’t give a shit. You both obviously have some serious anger issues, and before you make such suggestions (or in the case of your brother, insult ALL women by calling me a ‘cunt’ and a ‘stupid-ass woman’), you might want to consider what you’re writing and why. And although I could give a shit less if he gives me the honor, I do feel your brother owes Heather an apology. Or maybe she just doesn’t care. Either way, best of luck to you.”

This time, I was done. I got my last words in, and I posted the above conversation on my own Facebook page. I was proud of what I said and how I said it. I’m an intelligent woman, and I’m a writer who’s a graduate student at a college that focuses on social justice. I thought I’d receive a barrage of support. But instead, I had a handful of people tell me to stop engaging these clowns, that it just wasn’t worth it, that people like this don’t change, that it was pointless. And I agreed…for a few hours. But then I thought about it and realized that by not engaging them, by not expressing myself, by giving up and accepting these two as pointless, I’d be doing exactly what the jackasses would want me to do. What they’d expect me to do. I’d be acting like the Democrat I am. We’re a weak party. We don’t stand up for ourselves. We get kicked in the teeth, and we just accept it. We move on and forget about it. Where Republicans don’t. They pick a fight and stand their ground. They punch and keep on punching.

With less than two weeks to go before the next presidential election, I’m not going to sit back and pretend it’s okay for people to behave like jerks. I’m not going to choose to NOT engage people who resort to using threats and degrading language to try and get their point across. I will stand my ground and express my opinion. And I hope the rest of the Democratic Party will do the same!




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3 Responses to Of Women and Wolves…and Democrats!

  1. Kathleen

    I have a dog that looks like this. Without all the blood.

  2. Niels Horskjaer

    Great job, Fleur. Keep it up! Interesting topic that seems a lot deeper than the Wolf issue. Be a Jedi :-)

  3. Pete

    Fleur, I was one who told you not to engage because these people’s brains are as small as their private parts. That said, good for you.

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